So Katz, some of our org friends and I went to Enchanted Kingdom.

It was my first time!

Katz speaks to the funny-sounding people at the entrance about our tickets: free access to all rides plus a free pass to either EKstreme, the 4D theater, Laser Mission or the Haunted House.

Katz puts me in first-timer mode the minute we get past the turnstiles at the entrance. “Go sit over there!”

Waiting to get on the Rio Grande Rapids ride. All in all we got on it thrice!

A trip to the gift shop was in order. Katz and I got one of these cute WillKate wedding hats for her niece.

Katz and I were starving by the time we got off the Rio Grande Rapids for the first time, so we snuck away from our group to grab hotdogs. By the time we met up with the pack, they had tried the Space Shuttle and were starving, too. Above, photos of us waiting for our pizza.

Kitkat Blizzard, upon Katz’s orders.

We tried the Haunted House. Katz very excitedly told me about it weeks before the trip, so I anticipated a lot. It turned out to be kind of boring, though. Only three people all in all made an attempt at scaring us, and they weren’t very good!

Checking my phone in the queue for Rialto. It’s a cinema with moving seats.

Katz having fun.

She made me do a couple of jumps afterwards. I’m a sucker for cobblestone streets! See my Intramuros post.

Sunsets = easy “pa-art” photographs.

Taking advantage of the soft light.

Bump cars! This was only my second time on one of these. The last time I’d ridden one was when I was five or so.

This here’s the badly named but nonetheless terrifying EKstreme. You sit on a circular floorless carriage that pulls you all the way up to the top, then releases you and lets gravity do its thing. The fall feels like your soul is carving a hole in your head and trying to get out.

Waiting for the fireworks display.

Around this time last year, Katz and I were watching fireworks, too.

The magic stays with you! Life’s fantastic.


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