After attending to church-related stuff last Thursday, Katz and I met up with Ditch and Sanse, her sisters, at this nice little ice cream parlor along G. Tuazon in Sampaloc, aptly called the Icecreamstore.

It’s a quaint place on a quiet corner of residential land. Nothing fancy: no airconditioning, simple seating, unadorned signage.

Katz and I split the Rocky Road float thing (pictured above), P40. We loved the ice cream scoop, but the drink itself tasted off, like cheap beer or spoiled coconut milk.

Sanse asked the nice ladies behind the counter about it, and they were kind enough to offer us another drink on the house.

Katz went for the cappuccino flavor, P50. They sprinkled corn flakes on top of the ice cream scoop, too!