I went to Divisoria

But all you’ll get are boring shots of stalls and ware. I was going to pull out my phone on the sidewalk to take pictures but Katz advised against it (“Gusto mo ba manakaw ang phone mo?“).

That’s alright, though, because really, the horror vacui of Divi is better experienced in person.


Fancy metal ballers

Stainless steel, P450 apiece (though we got them for P390 each at SM North) at Silverworks. Prices may vary. No, this isn’t a promotional thing, though it’s gotten me thinking…

gpoypwyhtpdtv (gratuitous photo of yourself posing with your homie Trinidad Pardo De Tavera)

I’m deeply bothered that these toys are even on the market.

Look at all these toys the companies are forcing their parents to buy them to gain their love and acceptance! No wonder today’s kids are screwed up.

The Game of Life. When you turn it into a board game it only makes it bleaker and more dismal. There’s no better way to turn a nine-year-old into a jaded and disenchanted zombie for the rest of his miserable, pointless and fatalistic existence. Youth ruiners!

Katz says she used to play the Game of Life, and she turned out to be much more than alright, but she’s one in a million (and we were both brought up in the much saner nineties). Kids of today, steer clear.

WTF is this crap? (See what I did there?) It’s not even a toy, it’s a miniature replica of a toilet after it gets violated by a man who apparently had Taco Bell and two indigestible eggs for lunch. WTF.

At least the toy industry is doing their share for gender equality. Deconstructing gender roles FTW.

Mang Inasal

The generous use of wood and warm lighting make for a cozy nomming experience.

Too cozy for a restaurant that serves grilled chicken and eat-all-you-can rice, Katz says.

Dean agrees, but thinks the design would work very well in a residence, perhaps in a study or living room.

Time is relative.

Stayed in Starbucks for five hours on Monday (until early Tuesday) to take care of org stuff and make a paper, which I finished six hours before it was due (achievement). It took me a tall classic and a grande double classic latte.

I don’t think I’ve told you about Hennie (I hope I read her nameplate right!), the barista at the Starbucks nearest me. Early this year I was taking care of academic stuff there, and ordered enough times for her to remember my name (“Dean, as in dean’s lister”). A week or so later, I believe, I was at Trinoma with Katz and her high school classmates. We were standing outside Dairy Queen, taking pictures, when all of a sudden I heard someone call out, “Hey, it’s Sir Dean!” It was Hennie, out with friends.

(You know how they say it’s weird seeing your teachers outside of school? Apparently it’s the same for baristas outside of Starbucks.)

So anyway, after that I didn’t go back to Starbucks for maybe four or five months (because I went home for the summer). Last night, Hennie was making the drinks, and when she saw me at the bar waiting for my grande classic latte, she went, “Oh, ngayon lang kita nakita ulit (Oh, this is the first time I’ve seen you in a while)!”

No glowing orbs and jets of water.

Dental hygiene Monday

Off to the dentist nuninuninu

LOL happy face, even as I faced an impending—DUN DUN DUN—enamel filling.

Celebrate fixed molar with Tropical Hut, yay! (This is only my second trip to Tropical Hut, which I hear was in the Philippines way before Jollibee or McDonald’s. No photo of first trip, but it was to the same branch.)