This is how you lose her / Díaz

images This must be the first book I’ve managed to finish in quite a long time. I picked it up early May, intending to read it on the plane to and from Butuan during the three-day furlough I managed to secure for myself using the elections as my cover. I managed to read about 10% of it by the time I got back to Manila. The next 80%, I sped through in bed last night, and the final tenth, in Starbucks this afternoon.

Such rapid writing. Yunior, the narrator, is so frantic and lost and longing for somewhere in this world to settle. He’s hopeful, then jaded, then looking for another start; looking, looking, always looking. One can’t help but relate. In some sense, we all wander.


So I got into Pottermore.

It’s been fun reading about the story, because I haven’t read the books (duck as rotten tomatoes are flung my way by uptight Potter purists), so all I’ve had to go on up to now are the movies.

Potions class has been great so far, except for that part where I waited 85 minutes for my Cure For Common Poisons potion to brew, then had to start from scratch because I picked up my wand instead of a pinch of unicorn horn.