You better have listened in class

If you want to know where and when your Russian exam is.


One-way Academic Oval

A friend and I had an argument over this street sign:

I said it had no use anymore and should have been taken down by now, because the policy change it announced has been in effect for more than three years now.

My friend said the sign should be kept up because there are people who still don’t know about the Academic Oval’s one-way traffic scheme.

I argued that if this sign should stay where it is, then they should put up the following signs, too:

  • Elliptical Road: One-Way.
  • We are now an independent state and no longer a colony of America.
  • World War II is now over.
A week or so later, Katz and I were walking to the College of Arts and Letters library when we saw a cop alight from a patrolling cop car. We looked the other way and saw a car moving counter to the flow of traffic. (One-way Acad Oval, see?) The errant driver slowed to a stop, rolled down his window and presented his license, very apologetically saying, “Sorry, boss, I’m an alumni and I’m used to the Acad Oval being two-way.”
Well, then. I concede.

Fancy Cakes on Magiting

My blockmates and I went to lunch today in McDonald’s Philcoa, but the uptight security guard told us we couldn’t play cards (because “baka sabihing casino ito“) or take pictures of the tacky wall photos (because “baka gamitin sa kalolokohan“), so we were like “We’re outta here.”

We went to Fancy Cakes, this nice little place on Magiting next to Moonleaf.

It’s really tiny (about as big as the Moonleaf branch beside it, for those of you who have been there). It can seat maybe fifteen at most.

I had the chocolate smores cake (P70).

My blockmates had the brazo de mercedes (P50).

What’s up with this cork board fad? Every other little pastry or milk tea shop has it. I suppose it’s a way to build character and to get return customers (“Real people have been here!”) but after a while it gets kind of boring.

It’s a good place to play cards.